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Functional Décor for Your New Home: The Magic of Indoor Plants

Plants are a welcome addition to your new home and have been proven to improve indoor air quality and to provide a soothing and calming ambiance. They also make a space feel bright, fresh, and full of life. Read today’s blog for our top tips on choosing and caring for indoor plants:

Choose Hardy Plants

Especially if you’re new to owning and caring for indoor plants, opt for a hardier variety that will do alright with a bit of neglect. Here’s a list of 20 indoor houseplants you can’t kill, including the aptly-named cast-iron plant, spider plants, and one of our favourites: aloe.

The Magic of Indoor Plants


Get Snug with Succulents

Trendy and beautiful, succulents are a great choice for indoor plants. They can be a little trickier to care for, so check out this list of the best succulents and how to care for them.

Add Some Aloe

Aloe is hugely popular for a reason. This all-star plant is great to have around with its many benefits, including treating kitchen burns, cuts, and dry skin. Aloe is included on the list of hardy plants and is quite easy to care for. Plus, it can help clean the air of the pollutants found in chemical cleaning products.

Introduce Pops of Colour

Too much green? Try a “peacock plant” for a beautiful show of purple, green, and red leaves, or a kalanchoe succulent for its pretty pink flowers. You also can’t go wrong with a classic orchid – they’re beautiful and elegant, and surprisingly easy to care for.

Go Zen

Some plants are especially soothing to look at. If you keep skipping your yoga class or downloaded a meditation app that never gets any use, introduce some calming, stress-reducing plants instead. We love the low-maintenance “mother-in-law’s tongue” (aka a snake plant) or a traditional bamboo palm plant.

Take Good Care

If your plant comes with care directions, read them! Not all plants are alike in terms of the water, sun, and other care they require. Read up on soil quality, direct vs. indirect sunlight, and the handy ice cube trick that you’ll be glad you learned.

Plants are beautiful, fresh, purifying, and relatively inexpensive to add to your new home décor. We’re certainly big fans. Which are your favourites?



Jill Monaghan & Leslie Colwell

Sales Representatives
Pine River Model Home and Sales Centre

Leslie has been assisting new home purchasers find their perfect home with Lancaster Homes, in the Angus and Innisfil area since 2012. Jill joined the team in 2015 to assist our clients in one of our most exciting new home developments. This dynamic team look forward to providing you with exceptional service, from initial contact to completion, of your new home purchase. Whether it is your first home or your forever home, they are fully committed to their clients’ needs!

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